(AB, KB, RG)


April 8 - June 22


Continuance obliges provocation—an incitement to engage. One entity addresses another, and the address becomes the conversation. A rebuff is not a negation but a statement which begs a response.


(re)buffer is action and reaction, allowing artistic resolve to extend beyond the limitations of intent or the conceit of interpretation; it is an embracing of the act of conversing unto itself. Presented in 4 acts, the movement begins with the neutrality of architectural space (including remnants of the past) being confronted (antagonized) by the entrance and complicity of object(s); Subsequently, (enter the protagonist of color) form is advanced through the characters of visual language, setting up the climax in act three, which culminates in a moment of sensory extravagance. Act 4 finds the actors quietly exiting, while absentmindedly leaving hints of future revelation.


The program plays as follows


(act one)

KB April 8


(act two)

AB April 29



"A Loc is Pep" Chris Lipomi


(act three)

RG June 22


"A Loc is Pep" Chris Lipomi

Photography by Jason Horvath