Secrets of Nonliteral Living
October 15 - November 15 2016
Private Places
2400 NE Holladay Street
Portland OR

“Secrets of Nonliteral Living,” is a show of MBuck’s recent sculptural “crumple paintings” and the physical debut of his new iphone & jewelers loupe “macropanorama” prints of images on a laptop screen found on the internet. Confused yet? Both bodies of work use unorthodox processes to distort images to make unusual visual associations and bizarre deconstructions of the ideas of painting and photography. Will his secrets of nonliteral life be known, or remain elusive? Come find out. 

MBuck was born, raised, and works in Portland OR and is an OCAC 2015 MFA in Craft graduate. -



Photo credit: Jason Horvath

Photography by Jason Horvath