Sara Clendening and Skylar Haskard

April 28 - July 17



Sara Clendening (b. 1980, Philadelphia, USA) received her MFA from the Milton Avery School of Arts Bard College in 2018 , her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2003 and attended the Mountain School of Arts MS^A in 2007. Her sculptures and installations operate on unlikely manipulations of familiar objects - a scattering of puzzle pieces with incompatible shapes and patterns; a can of soda on a pedestal under a glass box sprayed with liquid, as if the beverage exploded inside; a reworking of the office toy that illustrates principles of Newtonian mechanics, for which the artist replaced ball bearings with model cars. By introducing elements of conflict and violence to harmless objects, Clendening suggests that chaos is always near.

Clendening dissects consumer fantasies used in perfume advertisements for her exhibition New Scents! at Paradise Garage. Package design, marketing, and designer knock-offs are conflated with painting and sculpture. Other recent solo exhibitions include Pure Moods, Museo Apparente (Naples, IT); Void Fill, Ditch Projects (Springfield, OR); and Sauce Policy, The Green Gallery (Milwaukee, WI). Her work has been included in group exhibitions at Team Gallery (New York, NY), Gavin Brown (New York, NY), and 356 Mission (Los Angeles, CA). Clendening currently lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.


Skylar Haskard (b.1977 Los Angeles, USA) is an artist working in a variety of media including, sculpture, photography, installation, and painting. The exhibition in Haskard’s practice is seen as durational in which a work is not seen as a finite solution but more of a specific response to its location within time and space.  Although Haskard’s practice is mainly process based and ideally seen as continual, he resolves his work upon exhibition with performative sculptures or photographs which are usually lasting manifestations/documents made within ‘intense periods of production’. The works should appear as an open-ended proposals rather than sealed unalterable entities, deriving their multiple layers from the very fact that the they are participatory and impermanent.

Haskard has shown both nationally and internationally. His work has been the subject of  solo exhibitions at Anna Helwing Gallery, Los Angeles; Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, and has also been included in a numerous group exhibitions at Kunst Pavillion, Innsbruck; Villa Arson, Nice, Mackey Apartments, MAK Centre, Los Angeles. In 2008 Haskard was a invited by curator Phillip Kaiser to partner with John Baldessari, as part of a group show reinterpreting the work of Allan Kaprow. Haskard currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


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